Panellenic Private Aviation strengthens its fleet with another privately owned aircraft

Panellenic Private Aviation strengthens its fleet with another privately owned aircraft

Panellenic Private Aviation of the Karatzis Group has acquired a state-of-the-art privately owned aircraft, continuing its upward trajectory and enriching its existing fleet, with the aim of expanding the airline’s flight network to new destinations, as the company states in a relevant announcement.

The investment concerns the purchase of one more SX – RJB aircraft, a Cessna Citation XLS model.

The aircraft comes to be added to the company’s modern fleet, having the latest technology equipment that includes a satellite phone system and multimedia entertainment. In addition, it can meet the dietary habits of each passenger as it provides hot & cold catering services. Maintaining its hub in Paris, it will operate itineraries with luxurious amenities throughout Europe and the Middle East, connecting Heraklion and Crete with key destinations.

Panellenic Private Aviation has aggressively entered the private aviation space with its privately owned aircraft, showing continuous profitability throughout its operation. Thanks to the strong growth rates, the company has won the trust of many owners, who entrust the airline with the sales of their private aircraft.

The Deputy General Manager of the Karatzis group and Accountable Manager of Panellenic Private Aviation, Mr. Manos Michalakis, said about the new investment move: “The acquisition of the new aircraft comes to strengthen the dynamics of Panellenic Private Aviation in international flights, while at the same time expanding the presence of Crete on the travel map, meeting the increased demand for direct air connections between the island and Central Europe”.

The President and CEO of the Karatzis group and Panellenic Private Aviation, Mr. Antonis Karatzis, said: “The aviation industry is of great interest to the Group and we will further invest in it. Soon the fleet of Panellenic Private Aviation will be strengthened with another aircraft”.

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